A downloadable book

This is the perfect 8.5" x 8.5" gridded drawing pad/sketchpad/sketchbook,  for professional pixel artists, pixel art character designers, indie video game developers, beginners and enthusiasts pixel crafters. Printed on high quality paper with colored ink, everyone will find this drawing pad useful for sketching and brainstorming retro 8-bit Nintendo-inspired pixel art and pixel art character designs.

Single-sided blue-colored grid designs printed on high quality color paper. Grid resolutions (sizes) include:

  1. 64x64: 20 pages x 1 grid per page
  2. 32x32: 10 pages x 4 grids per page
  3. 16x16: 10 pages x 9 grids per page
  4. 8x8: 10 pages x 16 grids per page
  5. 4x4: 10 pages x 25 grids per page
  6. 16x24: Final Fantasy III (FF3), 5 pages x 6 grids per page (5 pages of thumbnails x 20 thumbs per page)
  7. 16x16: Final Fantasy II (FF2), 5 pages x 9 grids per page (5 pages of thumbnails x 25 thumbs per page)

Each grid is separated into different colorized sections that make the book easy to thumb through and navigate.

Pixel art tips section found in front of book. Learn how to create pixel art straight lines, curved lines, common sprite sizes, sprite directions, sprite animation sequences, simple tonal dithering, complex pattern dithering, and pixel-perfect circles.

Purchase this drawing pad for yourself, family and/or friends. This is the perfect gift for any creative who likes to doodle pixel art for fun or as a profession.

This drawing pad is perfect for anyone wanting to recreate pixel art in the style of Atari 2600, Nintendo NES, Nintendo Super NES (SNES), Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo Game Boy Color, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, Sega Mega Drive, and Sega Genesis.

Get this sketchpad for yourself, or as a gift for your friends or family!